Ilford County High School

Curriculum Overview

Ilford County High School is an 11 to 18 school. The vast majority of students remain at school for seven years and transfer to university following A Level courses.

The curriculum of the school reflects this and throughout seeks to establish high standards of academic success both in terms of the knowledge required by the examination process and, more importantly, developing the skill of creativity, independence, responsibility and resilience increasingly required by both higher Education and future employers.

We maintain a broad and balanced curriculum through the Main School to GCSE examination in Year 11. Please find the Curriculum maps for each subject in this booklet.


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ICHS Curriculum Statement 28th Jun 2021 Download
ICHS Personal Development Curriculum Enrichment 22nd Jun 2021 Download
ICHS Curriculum Policy September 2022 Approved AS 13th Jul 2022 Download

ICHS stands for

ICHS seeks to be a centre of excellence that offers a challenging and inspirational learning environment delivering exceptional educational outcomes and strong character development.

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The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.


The showing of politeness in one's attitude and behaviour towards others.

Hard Work

A great deal of effort or endurance.


The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.